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Ever wondered why so many school systems,
music teachers, and private instructors recommend
Red Label to their students? Here’s why.

5 reasons to choose red label




For more than 80 years, Super-Sensitive has been perfecting the steel core string. The results have made Red Label the #1 selling student, steel core string and the instructors' choice!


The top 5 reasons why Red Label is the Instructors' Choice.

1. More Time Teaching, Less Time Tuning.

Red Label’s full round, steel core is stable and stays in tune for long periods of time even in changing environments. With Red Label, students have instruments in hand that are ready to be played.


2. A Student’s Confidence.

Red Label is easy to play. With Red Label, beginners produce a solid sound immediately. Its steel core and nickel wrapping quickly react to bowing and deliver a solid sound wave through the instrument, projecting a clear and pronounced tone.

3. A Budget’s Best Friend.

Red Label is designed to be a long life string. It provides great economical value to a school or family budget. Red Label’s steel core and nickel wrapping are the most durable materials used in string composition. The nickel wrapping is very resistant to dirt and oils.


4. Great For all ages.

Whether it’s the small hands of the youngest Suzuki student or the hands of country music legend Charlie Daniels, there’s a Red Label set for every size of player. Red Label is available in all fractional sizes for violin, viola, cello and bass. In fact, Red Label was the first brand to graduate lengths, sizes and tensions, ensuring that each string would play in perfect fifths regardless of the instrument’s size.


5. Tone Begins at the End.

Red Label's warmth is generated from the coppery eyelet anchored at the end of each string. The science behind the use of copper is seen and heard by its reaction with Red Label’s solid core and nickel winding. When Red Label's steel core is anchored by copper, the vibrations created when the string is bowed, causes the steel core to resonate with more center of midrange tones which creates greater warmth.


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