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Super-Sensitive Bowed Instrument Strings and Rosin



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five reasons for red label strings



For more than 80 years, Super-Sensitive has been perfecting the steel core string. The results have made Red Label the #1 selling student, steel core string and the instructors' choice for violin, viola, cello and bass!


Reasons Why Red Label is the Instructors' Choice. (read more)

1. More Time Teaching, Less Time Tuning.

2. A Student’s Confidence.

3. A Budget’s Best Friend.

4. Great For all ages.

5. Tone Begins at the End.



Super Sensitive manufactures a variety of musical strings and accessories for your Best performance


Super Sensitive manufactures great brands such as: Red Label, a steel core string with nickel winding. Pinnacle, a multi-stranded core string, is recommended for the professional musician who desires a mellow, pure sound. Synthetic core strings like the Sensicore provide the feel of traditional gut strings plus the stability under temperature and humidity changes and the Octava and Red Label Pearl, which are step up synthetic core strings for students who advance from Red Label. The Old Fiddler Line became the favorite string among Country Western and Bluegrass musicians. It is a full core string with nickel winding. Accessories for bowed instruments include rosins, polishes, stoppin endpin floor protectors and shoulder rests for violin. Clarity and Clarity Spectrum rosins are professional rosins with hypo-allergenic properties and Clarity Spectrum brings added fun with a choice of 4 colors.



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