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Red Label - It's Where We Start.

5 reasons to choose red label




Due to its incredible success, our steel core Red Label brand has become synonomous with the name Super-Sensitive. In fact, Red Label is only one of 7 Super-Sensitive Strings brands. But Red Label is where we started and it's where you should start as well.

For more than 80 years, Super-Sensitive had been perfecting the student steel core string. The evolution has made Red Label the #1 selling steel core string and the string of choice by string teachers.


Read the reasons why Red Label is the Instructors' Choice.

1. More Time Teaching, Less Time Tuning. (read more)

2. a Student’s Confidence. (read more)

3. a Budget’s Best Friend. (read more)

4. Great For all ages. (read more)

5. Tone Begins at the End.(read more)


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