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Octave Violin Strings

Sensicore Octave
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Sensicore Octave Violin Strings

  • These strings are tuned an octave lower than Sensicore® violin strings while using a regular size violin
  • The multi-filament synthetic core provides the feel of traditional gut strings and stability under temperature and humidity changes
  • Your instrument needs to be adjusted for these special strings. Please consult a qualified luthier for proper set-up.

See available Sizes and Gauges in the Table below.




Sensicore  Octave Violin Set
 Model Number Strings Size Gauge Tension
2507 E, A, D, G 4/4 Medium
Sensicore Octave Violin Single Strings
 Model Number Strings Size Gauge Tension
2517 E Silver 4/4 Medium 14.1
2527 A Silver 4/4 Medium 9.3
2537 D Tungsten 4/4 Medium 11.9
2547 G Nickel 4/4 Medium 9.3
2557 C Nickel 4/4 Medium 13.4
Sensicore  Octave Viola Set
 Model Number Strings Size Gauge Tension
7507 A, D, G, C,  Standard (15-16 1/2”) Medium
Sensicore  Octave Viola Single Strings
 Model Number Strings Size Gauge Tension
7517 A Silver Standard (15-16 1/2”) Medium
7527 D Silver Standard (15-16 1/2”) Medium
7537 G Silver Standard (15-16 1/2”) Medium
7547 C Silver Standard (15-16 1/2”) Medium



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