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Spector Mute

Designed by Fred Spector, former violinist for the Chicago Symphony, the Spector mute offers violinists a mute at the ready! The Spector violin mute remains full-time on the violin nestled between the A and D string. When a piece of music requires a muted part, simply slide the Spector mute forward until its lip comfortably rests on top of the bridge. Once finished, simply slide the Spector mute back toward the tailpiece. Available in traditional black and original copper.




Bowmaster is a teaching aid to assist beginners in developing the proper bow grip. Made of rubber that slides onto the bow. Manufactured to fit different size hands.


Available in:

9480 Large (designed for 3/4" and 4/4" instruments)

9482 Medium (designed for 1/4" and 1/2" instruments)

9484 Small (designed for 1/16" and 1/8" size bows instruments)

The Stoppin was designed by cellist, Sean Grissom, especially for Super-Sensitive® to stop the endpin of the cello or bass from slipping on the floor.


Available in:

9452 Small-Clear

9454 Large-Clear

9455 Large-Green

9456 Large-Blue

9458 Large-Black

Super-Sensitive® shoulder rest offers proper support through hours of practice or performance. Made of soft, non-marring material.


Available in:

9460 Thin, Dark Brown

9461 Thick, Dark Brown

The Super-Sensitive® Wolf-Be-Gone® eliminates the wolf sound produced on some instruments. Easy to install.


Available in:

9450 Violin/Viola

9451 Cello/Bass

Soft, lint-free cloth used for polishing instruments and removal of rosin build-up.


9447 Polishing Cloth


Perfect for the musician who demands quality care of his or her instrument. This polish brightens the surface of the instrument and will not show finger marks. Recommended to use with the Super-Sensitive® Polishing Cloth.


Available in:

9220 2 oz. Polish

9221 1 oz. Polish

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