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Our most popular strings are made with full core steel string with nickel winding.

Recommended by Suzuki Method instructors and music teachers, Red Label provides excellent tonal quality and dependability.

 They're economical and durable and designed with the student in mind for all full and fractional size violins.


The Perlon core provides the feel of traditional gut strings and stability under temperature and humidity changes which results in a warm, full-bodied sound.

Sensicore is preferred by professional violinists, musicians and serious students internationally.

Available only in 4/4.

Available for 5, 6, 7, and 8 string violins.

Super-Sensitive is dedicated to producing the best bow rosin out there. We've been manufacturing strings for more than 80 years, and we know how important the accompanying rosin can be. Our four offerings  each has its perfect place, depending on your skill level and needs at the time.

Designed especially for and recommended by Bluegrass and Country Western fiddle players, Old Fiddler Strings are full core steel strings with a nickel winding.

They produces a crisp sound.

and stay in tune and holds a perfect tone even under changing outdoor concert conditions. Available in full-size, thick gauge only.


VLN | VLA | Cello | Bass


VLN | VLA | Cello | Bass


VLN | VLA | Cello | Bass



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